Coddle - how do you like yours?


looks a bit like garlic bread and sausages


Jaysus lads yous are all gone very posh on this site altogether.
Coddle is simple food none of your fancy stuff. The oulfella always made it in ours and he would spin if you mention putting a carrot or god forbid a packet of soup in there
Simple recipe passed down, sausages never fried, potatoes, 1 large whole onion, bacon pieces, and two oxo cubes, Brennan’s batch on the side. Pure heaven!!


now that’s a great word isn’t it , Malarky, just sittin here breakin me bollix laughin read’n that


I wouldn’t feed what’s been posted recently to my dog :laughing:, and you don’t want to know what he’ll eat !


oh its rough alright, by the way ive a bone to pick with you


Lovely lentils!



Cannot be unseen :disappointed_relieved:


Lovely looking Hungarian goulash there.

Or is it a lamb tagine ?

Anyway, fair play !


That’s like curry, sausage curry. Or Kurrywuerst as they say in Deutschland.


Fooking oxo cubes. What the fook. And you were saying to keep it simple??


Looks like the remanence of a heavy weekend on the sauce.


Looking forward to this beauty. Spuds, Back rashers (rind on), onion, sausages and a pack of knorr potatoe soup, a small drop of brown sauce thrown in for a little kick of flavour… batch bread, chunks of butter at the ready. No feckin lentils or oxo cubes!


Do we ig-knorr that auto-correct?


I wonder could galvin design a suit made from coddle


Where are the spuds Rochey?


Are the green bits celery or onions?


At the bottom of the pot. I fecked in a small bit of proper butcher white pudding too… it’s a lovely addition!




Ding, ding, ding, you get to pass Go and collect your £200. :money_mouth_face: