Coddle - how do you like yours?


Like I said, made after a mammoth session


I was thinking about Coddle for most of yesterday (f**k you guys for starting this). I have a few things that may or may not belong in Coddle:

  • Mushy Peas - I dunno, I think there’s a case to be made here. Odd colour though.
  • Black/White Pudding - Never heard it done, but might be a runner.
  • Parsnip - A classic white veg for a classic white stew.
  • Garlic - Shure why not.

Also, the more I think of it, the better the idea of pre-frying the Sausies becomes. It cuts down on the “eww, skin” factor.

I’ll admit it, once you get over the WTF part of egg in coddle, it starts to grow on you…


Funny I was think of the pudding as well, sliced thin like chorizo and added in sparingly. I was also thinking of sweet potato added in but might end up taking on to much of the liquid.


Black pudding, deffo. White pudding might disintegrate too much.
Peas? Marrowfat rather than mushy.


Mushy peas !!!
And I’m getting stick for poaching an egg in it !!!


Ladies, you can put whatever you want into your stews. Slivered almonds, mushy peas, fried eggs, sauteed Tauntaun testicles, the frozen tear drops of every Mayo man, woman & donkey that has ever set foot in Croke Park since 1951. Knock yerselves out.

That don’t make it a muddafcukin’ coddle ! :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:


Garlic works in a coddle

Eggs? Is someone having a laugh?

Don’t like large spuds in a coddle, cut them small

Have made coddle with no spuds before, kind like a coddle soup


Jesus christ, the mods need to start issuing warnings here for some of the comments. Coddle is fookin coodle, all this additional stuff, it’s not coodle




Well I haven’t read this thread once so I won’t be dishing out anything let alone coddle!


For a change!


Well you read it now!


MODS!!! In particular BohemianDub.

I want this traditional cuisine highlighted on a par with Coddle.

We could start a thread called…“Purdy Pudding - how do you like yours?”

Edit: fair to say this particular cultural war has been won in favour of the pudding.



they call that a pizza in kildare


Thieving no good flour bags nicking our recipes.


More like a bag chips lots for both shoulders


Gave your recipe a bash. Smells pretty good.


Now this , I wouldn’t mind


What class of an abomination is that malarky?