Coddle - how do you like yours?



That bloody well better be an actually word in Oxford’s finest.

Runs to look…


What sort of shitehawk puts eggs in a coddle?

It’s not a Nasi Coddleng


Not such a stretch. Sausage and eggs… Now baked beans and coddle, eeeeuuughhhh! Even McSpewy wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t even do it to piss us off.


Oddle. Coddle over aisy?


Oh Christ, Pulled Pork Coddle. :tired_face: :japanese_goblin::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::skull_and_crossbones::scream:


Spread it on your foccaccio toast if you’ve run out of avocado.
Thermal bowls??




My ma preferred McKennas, Thick Country Vegetable.


Ding…ding…ding…we have a winner ! :joy:


Yet to see any Moddle in this thread. And what about what to accompany with it as a beverage? And don’t say tae!! I’m going with OJ, need something sharp against the smooth.


We’ve already covered this subject. Bottled Stout, room temp.

No further discussion should be needed. Chislers may of course have Red Lemonade.


Genuinely I wouldn’t dream of having a coddle without an egg :egg:.


It’s a grand night for a coddle all the same.


Seriously Yoda. Get some help. It ain’t natural to like an egg in yer coddle.


I remember me ma telling me abotu a ‘blind’ coddle or something like that when they were young and things were tight. No Mickeys or bacon. Anyone else, or was it called something else?


So, boiled potato’s?


Blind coddle was made when you were still pelatic the morning after


We used to have prairie sandwiches


Yea must have been because she also said that they didnt put carrots in their coddle


Correct. A blind coddle is when you had nothing else to put in it excepts spuds and onions. Talking with the mother there to ask her and she said sometimes it was nicer as a blind brown coddle. She actually laughed when I said it to her as she hasn’t heard that term in years. When she was growing and they would come home from to school to learn that it was a blind coddle for dinner there was a lot of FFS. She also mentioned it that might do ‘vegetarians’ these days.

Hold up! I got another call of her (she was talking to her brother) and his version of a blind coddle is there is no ‘stock’ added to it, its just boiled up in water and its own juices.