Coddle - how do you like yours?


Anderson’s in the rise put basmati rice and chorizo in their coddle . Dub09 loves it apparently.


I only frequent the one on Carlingford …


I like cod crumbled into my coddle. Or haddock, as long as all bones forensically removed.


Ah here. Let’s not get carried away with that kind of talk.

The day I tell people to play fast and loose with the purity of their coddle, is the day I start thinking Spewan McKenna is a quality journalist.:roll_eyes:


How wrishty does one need to be when making coddle?


Someone get this guy a straight jacket.

EGGS IN A CODDLE … . . :grin:


He’s NaFianna, thet’re a bit like “that”. Basically, wanna-be Southsiders.

At least they don’t put eggs in the Coddle. That’s nearly as bad as putting Tomatoes in.


Try it . When the coddle is nearly done crack in a couple of eggs . Free range of course . Apparently it’s a recipe associated with the Liberties in Dublin .


Not a hope , born and starved in the liberty’s no eggs in a coddle but yer comin out if yer shell now


Would have agreed a few years ago on the superquinn sausages, but just dont think they are as nice as they used to be since they were taken over. Go for the Kearns now meself. But 6 sausages?? Ya mean git. There would be 32 going into a large pot that would serve 6/7
Last week there was a batch on the go and the next day I heated it up for the kids to bring to school in the thermal bowls for the lunch. The young lad came home after school giving out because there was only 2 sausages in his!


FBelieve it or not Aldis finest black package sausages are quite nice. Superquinn sausages still top imo


Harps, my good man…my recipe specifically said for two, not a small army of starving Skerries chislers.

You of all people should understand the importance of portion control & food cost. :wink:


I saw that, but thats still only 3 sausies each. Not enough. And who cooks coddle for 2? It has to last a few days


Not when your other half is from out fordinn, it doesn’t. :sob:


Thats grounds for divorce


To be honest, I’ve never really mastered the art of reheating coddle. The sauce goes stodgy overnight.


Now you’re talking. Cant beat the stodge with a hangover!


In Aldi you can get a vacume pack of bacon off cuts.Big chunks of meat that when coddled fall apart .Take a few minutes to trim off any fat first.




What?? Go out for a run before you make your coddle??