Coddle - how do you like yours?


Enough salt in the lardons.


Fair point. Except it’s bacon!


As ProudDub said, feel free to jazz it up.


Barley is the work of satan himself…my mother would load the coddle with them hateful b*stards…

Defo used some sort of white sauce / parsley sauce element to thicken it also. The watery one above does not look like coddle to me (some sort of broth or something)…

Also, has to be large cubes of ham/bacon (like the meat in a stew)


The Ma used Erin potatoe soup to thicken it up.


Important not to use the really, floury (flowery?) spuds too, the ones you use for mash potatoes. They dissolve too easily when boiled. Just use regular spuds, as they give a needed bit of bite to the broth.





Has to have a thick potato and leek soup vibe to it.

I am absolutely starving with this thread!!!:persevere:


roosters are grand, theres a brown and a white coddle, difference in the brown is an oxtail soup. potatos carrots onions sausages. oxtail soup or ye can use beef and veg soup. an i use ham chunks instead of rashers, and i’d boil the meat in the soup till its done. when the meat is done, ( taste or sticik a fork in it you’ll know ) then throw the rest of the gear in , and when the potatoes are done its ready, always better the next day and a great man for the horn on a sunday mornin


Is a horn around where you are mean the same as it does wherever everyone else lives ?


theres only one kind of horn where I live


Coddle as an aphrodisiac well I never…


So a lardon gives a … never mind …


A horn is a horn is a horn where ever you go.


Lentils? What sort of shitehawk would put lentils in coddle?


I know. I’m only getting over the shock it now.


Does anyone else poach an egg in their coddle ?


Eggs in coddle?

The Dark Side are they.


Poached eggs in a coddle? Ya got to be coddling me?


I feel it’s only a matter of time before someone introduces falafel …