Coddle - how do you like yours?


Just make sure you’re at least one parish away when doing so.


Ah yes, that’s better, there will be a bit of cooking done this week in my gaff, meant to be bitter later in the week and Coddle is good for the soul.

Iv never fried, always boiled, jaysus, don’t tell me ye fry the rashers too…


Now @beeko what you wear whilst eating coddle should be kept to yourself :sunglasses:


Should we set up a Coddle thread and define it for once and for all? Recipes, experiences, photos etc. On the subject of raw sausages (ooooer matron) I had a couple of Polish lads doing a job for me a while back and they seemed to have some form of sausage looking thing that they appeared to be eating raw. Maybe they were tryting to intimidate me. It worked. €2 grand for cutting the grass.


I don’t fry anything. All George formanned in my house! :slight_smile:


I don’t wear anything at all.


Go for it. But in fairness to the likes of Jaden. We should allow for creativity and for ressers to express themselves.


The Great Ressers Coddle Off!


Never tasted coddle in my life and from the photos I don’t feel like I’m missing much

Edit: Parents are from Louth so I’ll have to blame them


Of which are you more ashamed?


I’m dedicating my recipe to you Bolo. The Bolo-coddle.


I’m gonna invent a gnaise dish for him. I’m gonna call it Bolognaise …


The missus learning to make a decent coddle was condition number two on my prenuptial agreement.




Ok - asparagus. Anyone got any more tips?


No frying before hand, wtf?? Loads of boiled mickeys, the more the merrior, you can never have too many. I dont use rashers (I am saying I, but I actually dont do anything except say what I like/dont like in it) hock of ham chopped up is your only man. Plenty of spuds and carrots. She did try putting celery in it a few times, but that was nipped in the bud. I like it really thick so use chicken soup near the end to thicken it up.
Tastes best the next day


The two pics above look a little watery. So is the chicken soup just a late add-in?


Just spuds, onions, rashers and sausages, sometimes add a bit of potato soup to thicken it. Sometimes also add some brown sauce… Batch bread, thickly covered in butter… Jeysus I’m salivating!


Yea, I’d turn my nose up to those above, waaayyyyy to watery. See Rochey uses potato soup, thats a preference. My side of the family say no to the carrots, but herself keeps saying something about 5 a day…


Ham hock is the business all right.