Coddle - how do you like yours?


WTF is in that Daller?


Christ - I’d say your arteries are harder than a lad who OD’ed on viagra.


That is clearly the after picture of aforementioned Coddle.


Spuds mixed with flour, salt and sugar.

Leave it overnight in the fridge until it gets runny.

Then mix in brown sugar and melted butter.

My wife introduced me to it as she had it as a kid.


Runny. Now’s there’s a word that will have real meaning after eating that shite.


You’d need bicycle clips after eating that.


Old school desert. Like bread and butter pudding. Might give it a try…


Lol. Only got that.

Have to confess I think it’s horrible. Really strange texture too.

The mother in law puts cinnamon and raisins in it as if it really makes a pile of difference.


I presume herself only sprung that on you AFTER ye were married. I note the MIL is moving in now too. Pincer movement, two fronts … mind them arteries.


Well the in-laws are all farmers - so I reckon this dish must’ve been a handy way of using leftovers.

But if you live near the metropolis which is Omagh…no such peasant dishes!


We had Americans stay with us 2 summers ago…and they werent too impressed with our spud-laden cuisine.

Reckon they thought most of it was unhealthy - or unappetising.

I also tried converting them to football - but they were lost. Maybe some dishes and sports don’t travel.

See that team in navy and blue? Well between us we’ve won 31 AIs.


Would need to be a spicey Shiraz. But beer goes best with hot peppery stuff, a nice crisp Pilsner.


:scream: Good God man, has Social Work been informed? :poop:
Sugar with runny spuds, this isn’t India you know!


When Americans are advising you or commenting unfavorably on your diet it’s time to take a real long hard look at yourself …


Certain truth there.

These were very carb conscious folk. In the States I think you get extremes, with little middle ground.

Anyhow that’s enough of me hijacking your Coddle thread!

Let you boys get back to swapping notes. You’re making poor Belfastdub homesick!


…more like.


Jebus, leave the phone alone for a few hours,
clock in & the coddle thread is in meltdown!


Blame Brexit!


The pic Daller posted is possibly the single greatest point against reunification I’ve ever seen.

Defensive Football systems, imitation Tayto, making better Whiskey than we do, the DUP - all pale into insignificance compared to that abomination unto mankind.


Seriously. Arlene Foster’s wet dream of what a hard border looks like, couldn’t have a better poster child for its ad campaign. :face_vomiting: