Coddle - how do you like yours?


Now that’s better…leftover coddle sambo


Now that’s impressive.


In a big floury roll.

You’d be weeks shiting it out.


It can get in queue.


Batch bread and a hunk of butter! The way of truth!


With red wine.


Yes that is the preferred option. But i admired the ‘mobile’ version of that coddle sambo. But batch bread starting with the heels with copious of amount of real butter, a cup of tea and a bowl mammy JJF’s coddle is the way to go. A brown coddle is a welcome treat as well - exotic like…:+1:t2:


Shove some coddle into a burrito or wrap and flog it to hipsters for a tenner.


With a pint of stout in a fishbowl. The feckers would shit themselves with the excitement. A blind coddle for the vegans.


Farm to table organic free range vegan gluten free coddle wrap with a goblet of hoppy coffee chocolate stout.

Sold from a vintage Hiace outside a Leinster rugby match.


Sold By some some ■■■■ called Beckett who doesn’t tolerate any ‘ism’s’ unless he agrees with it and is aligned to his political and spiritual beliefs.


Are we allowed to say stout? Is that not offensive to someone on the wrong side of 18 stone? Just asking.


Nothing wrong with stout.

Who’d buy a beer called fat c**t?


Now called a glass of big is beautiful.


Someone who is stout?


Portable coddle in a sambo sturdy enough to handle it ?

Put that man in charge of running the country RIGHT NOW ! :clap: :clap:


That’s what I keep telling myself.


Yous are sick people.

I see your Coddle and raise you a Purdy pudding.



Looks like someone had the trots after a bad pint of big is beautiful and a coddle burrito.


That should be Sponsored by Pampers!!

I’d say a part of your anatomy is now similar to the Japanese Flag !!!