As bad as Trump is, Hillary Clinton really wasn’t any more suited to the job. She is deluded.


Oh come fucking on. She ran a terrible campaign but it’s completely disingenuous to suggest that she would be no better. We wouldn’t be seeing this shit with NK getting to this level for starters. Kim is baiting Trump becuase he knows how tetchy he is


I never said she wouldn’t be any better! :wink:
She was a terrible candidate. No more suited to the job than Trump. She IS that bad.


Ah here she was a Senator for what 6 years and then Sec. Of State for 4. Still better suited than the Orange Shitgibbon imo


What did she achieve?
She had an open goal from 3 yards out and missed.


Does that really matter when comparing to a 6 times bankrupted businessmen who lost money on a casino of all things.


She is incompetent. She is deluded. She is not fit for office. Stop trying to make it sound like I approve of Trump.


I’m doing no such thing. Merely saying that’s it’s wrong to say she’s on a low a par as Trump.


I didn’t say that either. I said she’s no more suited. There is a difference. She came from a political background and should have been able to use that to her advantage. She was so bad, she didn’t.


They were two terrible candidates for sure.


I get what your saying beeko

Hillary was a terrible and complacent selection. Too many skeletons for trump to go after, no where near as much as him but as he was newer to politics so he was Teflon and she was stale.


She might have been complacent and may not have achieved a whole pile for all i know.


  • She would not have nazis in the feckin white house.
  • She would not defend Nazis.
  • She is not a climate change denier and would not have assigned a climate change denier as head of the EPA.
  • She wouldn’t put an evolution skeptic in charge of the education system.
  • Should would not put a non-scientist in charge of NASA.
  • She would not give the worst speech ever to the scouts and then lie about the scouts calling her and telling her it was the best speech ever.
  • She would not lie about the president of mexico calling her and telling her what a great job she was doing.
  • She would not so blatantly obstruct justice to try to the FBI investigating her collusion with an enemy state.
  • She would not collude with the russians to win the election.
  • She would not disband the cyber-protection of the state dept

She has an awful lot of flaws but she is not a thundering idiot windbag lying vainglorious geebag.
She is bad though. but she is not the car crash they have at the moment.


Yes but look at her even now blaming Sanders for her mess. She was the worst dem candidate possible and ultimately doused the election of a president who has all the above views


Some of the stuff in her book is deluded, and spectacularly misses the point. She describes the speeches at Sachs as bad optics for example. What it is is talking out both sides of her mouth and the exact thing voters are sick of.

Clinton’s legacy will be Trump’s presidency.


It’s the democrats fault for nominating her. The republicans had bashed her for 20 years, just like the the U.K. tabloids had done to the eu. Throw enough shite and some of it sticks.


She might be irrational and deeply dislikable but she’s not a vain imbecile.


Are you just saying that because she’s a … never mind …


A Clinton


A tweet:

North Korean GDP actually grew 2-3 times faster than US GDP last year.


2 extra tourists and a tractor sale to China would account for that

Anyway who validated thoes figures :thinking: