And Quelle Surprise


That didn’t take long :joy::joy::joy:



Oh dear :sweat_smile:


This is like a slow motion car crash


That country is fucked.


To the victims of Hurricane Harvey in a shelter :

Jesus fucking christ


Muller still plugging away



Good piece on the bot farms




This is inching long now everyone is back from the holliers




Just over in the states at the minute and have found some lovely gifts for @GuyIncognito and @Tayto




Is there a weather thread open anywhere here? The hurricane stuff has been incredible the last few days. It’s like all the apocalypse films, two Category 5 hurricanes taking a path of maximum destruction through the Caribbean and on towards Florida and possibly beyond in the States, and this just after a category 4 hurricane caused massive damage in the gulf area. Not to mention the earthquake in Mexico, a tsunami, and another hurricane hitting Mexico right now.

That’s not to ignore the even greater flooding catastrophe in Bangladesh.


Climate change is a Chinese hoax to weaken the USA (Donaldo trump)

There was a weather thread



Perfect for the bonfire at Halloween should get it really going :+1: