Massive u-turn from Trump, now saying he is going to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan whereas during Obama’s reign and especially during his campaign to become president, he emphasised that he would pull all US troops out of Afghanistan and get them home as quick as possible.


It’s funny how populism goes out the window when faced with the reality of office, even for someone as dumb as trump. mind you 4,000 more troops will not achieve much, they had 40,000 more there before and it didn’t work. 400,000 might have the desired effect.


Hmmmm after 16 years he thinks they can do what the British and Soviets couldn’t do…


It’s the US’s longest war, as mentioned by Trump himself in 2013 when saying that the troops should be pulled.



Saw a tweet yesterday where a guy said he looked forward to seeing the images of Trump looking directly at the eclipse.

Of course, Trump duly obliges.


This one also did the rounds before hand yesterday. Look at the image from the bottom up


Another Nazi ■■■■ finds out words and actions have consequences :clap::clap::clap::clap:


This is now hinting at dictatorship.


But I thought Mexico was paying for the wall :thinking:

He was completely fucking Looney Tunes (even by his standards) last night. Attacking McCain yet again. No mention of the sailors that are missing. Portrayed himself as a victim of Charlottesville



Trump doesnt believe in science.


Still lying :lying_face:


Maybe he was including the 10,000 protesters outside :grinning:


Many a true word spoken in jest.


Being a Russian diplomat is a dangerous occupation it would seem



Unless the original tweeter was being sarcastic. I don’t think they realise the pic implies Obama is the sun and Trump is the moon. Not really a great analogy if you are trying to be pro trump.


Don’t think this analogy was thought through. Unless it’s being used ironically


bad information? as in information not praising trump?