That he is.


Pro-brexiteer guy? They had a different woman in during the week, not sure who she is but she was decent. The regulars on holiday?


Hard to miss him. I’d imagine he may be only holiday cover? Like RTE, BBC main guys get the Summer off … and Christmas … oh, and Easter … mid term … no wonder they get paid so little … :roll_eyes:


They should have had the female presenters covering, get some overtime to make up the difference in pay…


They should have Emily Maitlis presenting all of the time.


Prick :rage:


Wow, what a coward.


Fair play to the woman

Extremely inspirational. Can see where her daughter got her ideals from.



nice little comic.


Bannon gone.


That’s a start. One less nazi in the ear of the man who could destroy the world can only be a good thing.


Although he was apparently a lone anti-militaristic voice in the White House:


Excellent article by Glenn Greenwald on The Intercept arguing against this viewpoint. Whether you agree or not, well worth your time.


Greenwald is a Russian shill and has been that way for a while.


Don’t agree at all. And anyway, it’s hardly relevant to the topic of the article I posted.



That’s funny. But it’s also a sign of normal discourse having been destroyed when sensible people are openly resorting to abusive comments. That’s very worrying, it means everything has been dragged down to a base level.



He really is a dopey cünt