Just played the both sides card. For ■■■■ sake


Previously the main fault lines in the states were predominantly between blacks, whites etc. The divide between economic and social classes is fast becoming equally as divisive.


Wow Fox are calling it terrorism and Trump won’t. That is some fucked up shit right there




It’s a shame that the ‘Confederate flag’ has become so much associated with racism, it didn’t used to be that way not so long ago, though I know in the past it also was. That’s never what it originally represented, and many people see it as representing Southern states’ pride and rebellion or non-conformism in a general sense, whilst still being completely against prejudice of all hews. That for me is a good thing.

And its a pretty cool flag. I’ll forever associate it with The Dukes of Hazard!



Democratic Congressman for Michigan until 2015


Fucked up.


Like something from the Nuremberg rallies. Eisenhower,Patton and Bradley must be turning in their graves


Smaller crowds to be fair.

Almost all over weight men in camouflage gear. Not one of them getting the leg over regularly I’d say.


Some crazy footage of heavily armed militias providing protection to these ■■■■■.

All the fucked up nonsense coming home to roost.


Yea, that country has been allowing lads play solider for far too long. Throw in ridiculously partisan media where they whip up fear and hatred to a level that grobbels would be proud of. What could go wrong. Fat lads marching around with home made shields ffs.


3 dead now. Well done Don…


I’m sorry. What?


Trump will never overtly blame white supremacy in any speech. Too much of his core support would agree with it for him to alienate them. It took him a long time to eventually reject the kkks endorsement of him (if he ever did in the end)


I would suggest reading a little more about the history of the flag itself and what it represented, including its connotations with slavery and the American civil rights movement.
Some southern states that once flew it at government buildings have all but banned it after the charleston church shootings.
The Cork supporters who flew it did so out of pure ignorance, sure the majority of Cork people think they are called the rebel county because of an anti treaty stance during the civil war, I took great pleasure in educating some Corkboys one night about their counties history including the support they had for the duke of York in the 15th century, these were lads who were Man Utd “fans” and called me a west Brit.


An embarrassment , will be interesting to see how many flags will be waved Sunday afternoon considering what’s going on ATM .



And Daisy dukes !!