How the ■■■■ did you not clock him.


It’s impossible to have any consideration for people as thick as that. They deserve what they get. Morons.


who says i didn’t.


I know, at that point i just laughed and left him to it. muppet.


My fucking head hurts reading this


That is spectacular.

‘Nobody with my thought process.’

Fabulously laid out in full.


But according to some it’s wrong to call them Nazi’s apparently…




That’s the Cork flag …


I never cringed more than when I used to see that flag on display when Cork played.
This “white lives matter” movement in the states is probably one of the scariest things, people from minority communities are being continually marginalized, I was reading the other day how in New York 8 out of every 10 arrests made there are black or Espanic young men. Crime figures are down but there’s a serious lack of actual convictions as a lot of these arrests are pure bogus, things like j walking and not carrying id, for a country that prides itself on its constitutional protection the rights of the lower and under classes are certainly not protected.
All Trump does is stoke these flames, his accusations against Mexican immigrants during his campaign were some of the most inflammatory things you’re likely to hear, there are guys out there who spout this rhetoric and are rightly deemed as crackpots but Trump does it and is made one of the most powerful men in the world!!


I’m sure all the #Maga heads will be queuing up to help. Oh of course a job like that would be beneath them.


The brexiteers are going to have the same issue


Terrorism. Or maybe it only counts as that when a brown person does it… This shit is all on Trump and the Republicans. Only a matter of time there’s an fatal incident because of the actions of the Neo Nazi Trump scumbags.


Trump’s vague condemnation. Doesn’t specifically call out the Neo Nazi racist scum

Bill shows how a President should respond to it


Nazis using the same tactics as isis.


But its a rebel flag to them :smirk:


I’d imagine it’s ignorance rather then trying to send a message.


Someone has died as a result of this according to the Mayor of Charlottesville. Trump has blood on his hands now. I hope he’s happy


National Guard called in.


Trump talking now and quelle surprise it’s all about himself. Fucking scumbag.