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Yeah those e-mails from your son are a mirage…


I thought the GOP line had moved from denying there were meetings with russians (proven at this stage) to trying to say collusion was not a crime and claiming that all sorts of democrat presidents took info from all sorts - you know - back to lying their arses off again in the most pathetic & partisan whataboutism going.

But trump has gone back to flat out denial. Brilliant.





Trump retweets this and it has 30k Likes. So many people … so fucking stupid …


Knowing Mayo’s luck, they will be up by one, at 5.04pm on the 17th of September, injury time is up and David Goldrick is all set to blow the final whistle. The nation holds its breath…

Only one of those two crazy fcukers presses the button at 5.03 pm.

Not even Malachy Clerkin could make that sound funny ! :joy:




One way of stopping Dubs Reign…


At this rate, The Donald is about the only person, place or thing they haven’t yet blamed for their failure to land Sam, so he may as well join the party !


Wasn’t someone saying earlier that for every tweet he makes, there’s an opposite one from a few years ago?


They should be charged with being criminally stupid.


Now Trump says he is willing to take military action in Venezuela. :flushed:

In language straight out of Fr Ted this is what he said - ‘we are all over the world and we have troops all over the world in places that are very, very far away. Venezuela is not very far away’.

This is just gettting f**king completely and utterly bonkers now. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious.


He’s discovered that a president’s favourables go up when there’s a rumour of war.


That is the chillingly worrying thing …


What could go wrong??


Lie back there world, ye won’t feel a thing … just a little prick …


Instead of walls and more bombs, america ought to try investing in education because only a country in serious trouble would elect this guy.


The result of years of dumbing down of political discourse to the lowest common denominator type spiel.


yep and they seriously need to tighten up their libel laws because the likes of Fox news just make shit up about people and bang on about it for months and months on end to the point where half the population believes the rubbish they come out with.

I recently had an American tell me that “The Trump Russia thing has been disproven” … eh, no it hasnt. And also that while he knew obama wasn’t a muslim (sounds like he probably thought he was for some time), but he maintained that obama said he’d side with the muslims in a war with america. I shit you not, a living breathing human being said that to me.