I doubt any other president, bar the Philippine nut, would come out with something like that.

It’s incredibly reckless to escalate the current situation with the North Korea. Especially as it appears to be another off the cuff remark by Trump.


Should I go mad and spend me life savings?


You have savings??


you must be a farmer if you have savings, never knew


No - but am thinking of getting myself a few acres so I can get the kids through college for free with a few grants thrown in …


Well he doesn’t get into the AC for selling programmes… and high horses are expensive these days!


Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, currently in a battle to see who is the craziest man on the planet.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) August 9, 2017


Donnie back hard at work


The Feds raided manaforts home, so trump threatens to fire the stand in FBI director in yet another ham fisted attempt at obstruction



People in Tuam are shitting it tonight … T is very near G on the keyboard when the missile destination is typed in …:flushed:




Tis an oldie but recently came across this


If they hit Tuam with some nuclear warheads, it would cause several million euros worth of improvements.


Interesting. This would suggest they knew he had stuff and were afraid he’d destroy it. Those types of warrants aren’t handed out willy nilly. Feds have to show probable cause. (i.e. Extremely likely a crime has been committed as opposed to being suspected of being committed)


North Korea: Trump is ‘bereft of reason’.



I wonder if The Don even knows where Guam is? What it is?



He is one dumb insane ■■■■■■■