Pence is also a lying little toe rag.

Good summary of the implications & powers of grand jury


Pence will be wrapped up in this too so he can’t move on trump


Would have been easier to say no he’s not running


Interesting read, reckons that a Pence presidency would be worse than the Donald…


Meh don’t think Pence would be any worse than most other Republicans. At least he won’t fire off a missile in a fit of rage. Pence wouldn’t be guaranteed to win re-election or the nomination either. Would expect to be some strong challenges from other wings of the GOP from the likes of Ohio Gov. John Kaisch.



That’s actually a hilarious read!


And the headline is believable, you could imagine that loon coming out with something like that.


Oh good that will calm things down… This fucking clown will start WWIII


He’s sending the wife over fatty is focked


Is it real or a piss take, I can’t tell


Such genius thinking right here…



I thought it was real until I looked again and saw the word ‘Satire’ at the top. It’s hard to tell these days, Trump is so off the wall!




Sweet Jesus. I know he’s not going to produce a Gettysburg address or anything but come on man, try ffs!


In fairness, with regard to North Korea, did Trump say anything that was different to what you’d expect from any other US President… meeting fire with greater fire, etc?


Hmmm fire with fire … it’s just a little scarier this time … given that we’re dealing with a guy you wouldn’t trust with a box of matches …


Guessing they weren’t just popping in for a cup of coffee and a chat.


Kim Jong-un or Trump?