Hannity is one sycophantic scumbag. Hope he goes down with this


Tubridy. Or his sporting counterpart, Joe Molloy.


Hell hath no fury like a resser scorned


Donal Skehan. Ubiquitous angel that he is.


Spillane or O’Rourke surely


Team Trump, keeping America safe from old school punk rock.


What the actual ■■■■




Poor Donald is only now, in his 70s, learning that bullshiting people can have consequences.


I think you missed the best quote in the article, from the conversation with the Aussie PM:

“I am the world’s greatest person …"


Another beauty from that conversation


Could’ve been worse. He might have asked after Crocodile Dundee.


Or Ned Kelly.


Parody is dead.


RIP thread?


Possibly. We’d have to add reason, satire, intelligence, et al too though.

Seriously, how far can this go? How strange, and for how long? He’s clearly retarded on some level.


i said i wasn’t obsessed with this before but i fully admit i am now, it is just plumbing the depths of reason, insanity, propaganda etc etc … america is one messed up country when you have people (fox/breitbart) who still think trump is doing a good job, when the guy is blatantly not suitable in any way, shape or form.

It’s fascinating just how crazy/guilty can you be before people see past the propaganda. How many dumbass lies out of him are they willing to overlook. How many ethics rules can he break before they think he’s taking the piss, how much nepotism is too much nepotism for these people. It’s a cluster ■■■■ and if Putin gets away with it (trump is not doing a whole lot to discourage him) then he’s only going to come back for more at a later date.

Still no comment from trump on russia expelling 700 US diplomats - but he had a whinge about congress making the US v RUS relationship difficult. He doesnt believe (or so he says) all the US IC agencies that russia interfered in the election (admitting it would admit that they helped him win of course) he’ll blame anyone and everything but putin.

The only conclusion is Putin has something really really bad on him.


It really is insane.

When you consider what they pulled in different countries - Allende’s Chile for example - there is something deliciously ironic and satisfying about their current predicament.


My guess is the pee pee hookers are underage.


Don’t think the pee pee hookers are underage.