Makes you wonder how these people are successful in business etc? It’s clearly not intelligence and strategic thinking.



You would have to wonder what he’s telling his minions. He’s not afraid to throw them under the bus anyways…


I think trump thinks he is untouchable, anyone with half a brain would let their lawyer do the damage limitation, he can’t help himself.

Meanwhile mueller has added another corruption prosecutor to his team. And Wikileaks have started attacking him (via Russia).

Also in the meantime the new sanction against Russia which were passed by congress almost unanimously, were sent to the whitehouse 4 days ago and they remiain unsigned by trump because they apparently haven’t turned up yet, now the excuse is they are under legal review … he just won’t criticize Russia in any way will he!

Luckily they can sign them into law without him but it really is telling that he won’t sign.


They coming for you Donny, you really should take legal advise and stick to it, stop acting so damn guilty


Missed that. Do you have a link for that Tayto?


They posted a tweet taking the second half of an article, making it totally misleading that Meuller was returning uranium which belong to Russia which had been used in a sting.


Ah, misunderstood your post. When you said Wikileaks had started attacking ‘him’, I thought you meant Trump.


He’s just signed it. Although he didn’t have the usual razzmatazz he likes to have when he signs something. A statement was put out instead. Says it all about his feelings about it


Trump: i got a call from the president of Mexico saying people aren’t crossing their southern border because they now know they won’t get into the USA through Mexico and to congratulate us on securing the border.

President of Mexico: I did not make that call.

Trump: the Boy Scouts called to let me know it was the best speech ever given to the association. A great compliment.

Boy Scouts: we have no record of making that call

Trump teeets: I have consulted my generals and we are going by to ban transgender people from the military.

Pentagon: first we have heard about this.

Pentagon a week later: we still have no clarification, we are not banning anyone based on a tweet.

Trumps lawyer on multiple news channels: Donald Trump did not help Donald jr write that fraudulent account of the meeting with the Russian spies.

White House: Donald trump helped don jr write the account.


It goes on and on and on. That’s in the last week alone. He’s insane.


Fucking thick ■■■■. Not hard to see why he’s gone bankrupt six times


For context Stephen Miller is one of the neo nazi freaks working in the White House


It’s incredibly f*cked up. And seriously damaging to the reputation of the US, such that it was.

The US, and post-Brexit UK, are a laughing stock.


It’s looking like he is brining on the end of an empire, they all fall just in different ways and over different time frames.

He is a stock market crash away from being in the shit and a funny statistic is over the last 60 years there has been a recession in the first 2 years of every republican president.


Previous time the Reps held WH, Senate and Congress was 1928. Wall Street crash happend a year later. Took the Reps nearly 40 years to recover fully.


His approval rating down to 33% if it goes much lower GOP will have to do something.

He has clearly obstructed justice on more than one occasion at this stage.


Jesus lads when the fucker is impeached and fecked outta the job who will we talk about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think we should go after Ryan Turbridy.




ah that has to be fake news … surely?

look what this hannity arse is up to:

how can they do this without being sued?