Apparently Trump found out he couldn’t do the fandango


Galileo is next in line. Then, when he gets fired it’s Figaro’s turn.



Escorted from the building apparently.


Apparently he was the one who really pushed for Preibus’ firing and then he ends up getting sacked by Preibus’ successor :joy:


What a shambles


Remind me again what US soap this is?? Jesus they are the laughing stock of the world. Has nobody among the American people got a shred of pride left.

This is the classic case of the lunatics running the asylum … the UK are well on top of Brexit compared to this idiocy.


The US is beginning to resemble Freedonia from the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup. President Rufus T Fireflys antics would appear normal enough compared to Trumps.


Well that explains a posters username here !


Directing a cover up can be added to his obstruction of justice


Kelly will be gone before Christmas if not Halloween


Good summary of this season of trump so far


More lies about the lies


But he only did what any father would do for his son(The offical line from the WH seriously)… Jesus fucking christ


So why is his lawyer lying about it. Constantly getting caught lying, it’s hilarious.


You know where the door is Don :+1:


Keep putting out lies and the truth gets lost, FF used the same strategy in this country for 80 years.


Surely you mean hillary-ous?


They’re still at it…


Yea so the news story breaks. trumps lawyer goes on numerous news channels to deny it and then the white house spokesperson confirms it is true during their daily media briefing. Blatant obstruction of justice. Kevin Spacey will have to up his game to compete with this farce.