Trump and Sanders targeted the same class of people, economically speaking.

Would Sanders have won? Probably not, who knows. But I doubt a member of the 1% club could have courted and won the working class/ disenfranchised vote as he well as he did if he was running against a viable and proven social Democrat.

Clinton epitomises the clique that pushed for and benefitted most from globalisation and all that entails. That she blames others for her mistakes, and there’s a warts and all book on her campaign that is pretty damning of her by all accounts, is not surprising.


It’s all the democrats fault for choosing the second least popular candidate ever to go up against the least popular one ever in trump. The american tabloids have had their knives out for clinton for decades, and you throw enough shit over time some of it will stick. Just like with the EU in the Uk referendum.

She also made a lot of mistakes but serious no one can tell me the russian fake news production along with their troll army and the hacking and releasing of emails through wikileaks did not have an effect.



astonishing figures


Chief of staff sacked according to reports.



If he resigned ‘privately’ yesterday. Why would he have been with them. Trump fired him by tweet and they’re trying not to make it look like it.


Moochs wife divorcing him because of Trump.


Car crash stuff.


Can’t think of anyway as to how this can backfire on them…


This gets more bizarre every day.


!!! There’s literally an opposite old tweet for everything Trump does


Ummmm… He is aware of who he’s working for isn’t he :neutral_face:


Gonna have his work cut out for him




Feckin coward



Wikileaks attacking mueller now, trying to help trump discredit him, basically assange is not trying to cover his Russian links anymore


Sure their servers are based in Russia ffs
It’s odd that they’ve never released stuff about Russia :thinking::thinking::thinking:


indeed. pity assange couldnt get that far running from his rape charges.

for those who say the Russian troll campaign had no effect on the outcome of the election


The Mooch after getting sacked :joy::joy::joy::joy: