Graham has talked tough before but not followed through so taking this with a massive pinch of salt. Nonetheless still interesting wording from him as a Republican


His attacking session sis not proving too popular, trump seems to think he can do anything he wants - think this might push people over the edge.


Which would be ironic given the shite he’s gotten away with so far


What lunacy is this now?


Fucking lunatics :joy:


This guys is great


The quotes in the article are insane. Another spacecadet.


This would be funny … but it’s not …


Scaramucci reminds me of this guy



I saw a post on twitter which screen grabbed a load of his tweets before he took up his current position . A two faced liar if your ever to meet one .


So is this him doing the Fandango ?


Lost their healthcare vote, and the guy they brought in to fix their comms problem has made things exponentially worse.

Expect some mad tweets.


The senate have passed a bill (by a huge margin) to stop the white house lifting sanctions on russia without senate approval. they are drafting a bill to make it impossible for Meuller to be sacked. they really trust their president don’t they.


Feels like the whole shambles is about to collapse. How the ■■■■ did they get themselves into that position?


So McCain fucked him over in the end. Trumps Bullying,Intimidation and name calling only gets him so far before it bites him in the ass.


they don’t want to be forced to act against Trump to impeach him. If they can control and limit what he can actually do, its the best of both worlds for them where they don’t alienate Trumps core support


Years of duplicity by both parties has hollowed out the trust in their democratic institutions and each other.


Hilary has apparently written a book called What Happened?

No need for a book.

  1. The democrats ran you instead of Sanders. Or indeed most anyone else.
  2. You lost to a man who has no redeeming features. None. At all.
  3. You paraded people like J-Lo around th place. She is not typical of the millions of floating voters you needed to catch. That’s why you ignored some states whose support you thought you were entitled to as well.
  4. You thought you deserved it. Probably the biggest mistake of all.

It’s actually all your fault Hilary!


Sanders would have lost as well. Wish people would stop saying he would have won. The right wing media would have gone all guns blazing on him portraying him as a “Commie” etc…

Biden is the only one for sure that definitely would have beaten Trump IMO. Very much a straight talker.