Cunning baxtids.



Bit alarmist but very high % all the same. Who did Trump play for??


Banning Transgenders from serving in the Military in any capacity. (Reversing the current DOD policy of allowing them)

Gotta keep those Evangelicals sweet.


How conservative is the make-up of the Supreme Court judges because it is there that this will eventually end up?



She was an absolute weapon. Great character though. (Chase modeled her on his own mother.)


He’s a total cretin, an appalling human being.

But I think the impact of the Russian intervention is overemphasised. I mean, he’s an ogre. For him to beat you you must have unpleasant characteristics yourself. And that’s what the DEMs haven’t realised. She was the wrong candidate and that presented the opening for Trump, intervention or no.

Put it this way. In a contest between Trump and Obama, would the Russian interventions have had the same influence?


The newest appointment is pretty conservative. The republicans refused to appoint Obama’s nomination from January/February 12 months. Electing Trump will have a large influence on the social direction of America for the next 30 years as the newest judge is quite young


Exactly, the blame lies in their own selection policy and arrogance that cost them the election. The Russian outrage is good craic but does nothing to deal with the Dems own lack of coherent policy or leadership.


Ah here the Russia meddling certainly had some sort of influence. Dems made ■■■■ ups for sure but it’s completely disingenuous to suggest that is the sole reason for Trump especially in light of all the stuff that’s coming out now.



I don’t think it did, Hillary own stupidity around emails and taking the working class for granted cost her. She was too busy raising money to meet the people, trump had 6 a month head start on the road. Add to that the Clinton brand being stale, Hilarys negatives and level of misogyny abd it lead to the perfect storm.


We’ll have to agree to disgaree then :+1:


Wtf with the movie camera?!?! Completely nuts


Not the sole reason but I think her character, as well as the widespread dislike for her and what she is seen to symbolise, are often underplayed by DEMs.

And it suits them - it’s not us, it’s the Russians.

And what has been proven? Trump’s crowd met with the Russians a lot of times, and might possibly have juicy Kompromat on him, thus giving them leverage on him - if he won.

Little or no evidence that I have seen of what was released that was untrue or false. They probably selectively leaked just material damaging to Clinton but that’s not a great defence.


Look, there’s no doubting that Clinton was a shocking candidate. A bit like brexit, the American tabloids have been lying about her for decades, so she was deeply unpopular. The russian effort was never going to make a 10% difference, but in a 2% swing race, you simply can’t say it had no effect.


What frustrated ne most about the dens was they didn’t learn from the primaries. Trump attacked everyone where he was weak, got in first and they couldn’t cine back at him. Dens should have gone hard Earley and not take the high ground. They overestimated the American electorate


A+ trolling from the Canadian Military :ok_hand:


But rich from a country that gets shut of non-nationals and their kids at the slightest hint of a health issue.