Reports now of a 6th person being in the room. Would give anything for it to be Trump himself


Meanwhile one of his predecessors puts him to shame (Not that it would take much admittedly)

90 odd years of age and still working to help others :clap:


So persons 5 and 6 seem to be a former russian intelligence officer and a russian lobbyist with ties to russian intelligence.

Transparent jr must have forgotten about these guys, not incriminating at all - the conversation was only about adoptions right, that’s what the trumps say and they never lie!


And he had brain cancer recently. Poor president. Beautiful man. Trump is only one of these things!




So the meeting is up to eight people now. None of these people made it onto jar heads edited security clearance form (where he added 100 names) Even Pox News starting to ask questions


Wouldn’t read too much into the Fox angle.Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are the only two proper journalists at Fox. You still have nutcases like Hannity and Carlson there who will blindly back Gropenfurher.


Any criticism of trump on fox signals a changing of the tide, this guy is not holding back

Then again it is so blatant & indefensible at this stage they must have a pain in their hoop trying to deflect all the time.


Great article from a former US Attorney and Deputy AG


Caught lying again


Fucking the Secret Service under the bus. I’m sure they’ll be delighted with that…


A big drop in his approval ratings over the weekend of 0.7%. A steady decline towards 35% and lower will soon see Republicans jumping ship on him


That will only happen when elections are lost, because of the type of person he is his popularity will always be under represented.


Define under represented?


People wont answer opinion polls truthfully. Like the general election in the UK a few years ago.


And Brexit etc.

It would make you wonder about FF’s true support in Ireland…


yes, when someone has controversial or is seen as unpopular those polled wont like admit they will vote for them. He has a remarkable record of winning when everything is against him so I would not be so sure Reps will turn on him.


Anyone who commissions / pays for opinion polls needs their head examined. Similarly anyone who believes any of them need their heads examined too. That’s a lot of head examinations. Lastly if anyone ever polls me (ahem) I’ll always tell them the opposite of what I’m doing. Just like with the missus …


possibly true but I think his base might even be shrinking. There has been a steady decline in those who strongly approve of his term so far with a presumed large number of them shifting towards approve only.

Politicians will look after themselves first and foremost and will only stand by Trump so long as enough people vocally support him


Well there’s an accepted margin of error but if they consistently poll showing a trend then you can take something from it, but papers writing headlines on a 1-3% change really are wasting everyones time.