you do. I think it was about 53 to 46 in the popular vote.

but hammered him in the election collage


who passed out Fox tayto, I hope it’s CNN.


Yea I was getting the colleges mixed up with popular


Do you’re a republican then? … and you also think there’s nothing to this Russian story? Coincidence? Time for 'Mercia to put country before party!


not at all I just believe the Americans are that idiotic and Trump is that brazen no one will beat him. he can do whatever he wants and people support him.

look it’s like FF in this country, who cares about the corruption and destroying the country there is a group of fools who will vote for them.


oh right i gotcha, yea, agree 100% - it’s a sad reflection on how polaised america is as a society - thank god we have more than a binary choice here.


Unfortunately I tend to agree, people have repeatedly shown themselves to be easily duped. Perhaps it’s just self-interest, or they hate the other person/ group more than what they are voting for.

The support FF are regularly getting in the polls is frankly nauseating, it would make you despair. (I expect the response to that will be ‘well look at FG/ SF/ Lab, sure they’re as bad…’.)


Yes indeed… We have dumb, dumber and dumbest.


beeko thats the lazy attitude that keeps FF so popular


This journo was working on this for the last 12 months


He only tweeted it because the New york Time told him they had the emails and they were due to publish, they warned him they had the emails and asked him for comment, so he published them himself in a vague attempt to look as if he is transparent.


Your dumbass Son posted them on his twitter page you fucking stupid orange idiot


And he changed his story about 103 times until he was told they knew everything!


Given that he once posed as his own PR man as a media “source”, he’d know all about made-up media sources.


dum de dum … nothing to see here, fake news etc etc


Kushner apparently sought a $500m loan from Qatar for a business venture. When it didn’t materialise, the US government started taking the hard line along with other Arab states against Qatar.


Ah lads … I was turned down for a car loan in the credit union … must ring the White House …


I hope it’s a 500k loan.


The corruption is off the chart, oh no sorry, I mean this is normal, nothing to see here


How long are they going to put up with this?? There is a real danger that National security has been compromised in all this - who knows to what severity. At best it’s a series of unwise contacts and dalliances … that’s at best and surely sackable. But still the GOP Democrat bitchfest continues and some mainstream press plods blindly along holding DTs hand. It’s all quite incredible really. And we think this is a banana republic? Well if so the good old US of A would appear to be a full blown plantation…