Never mind joe public. In any other administration he’d be out the door before his arse touched the ground



Get over it, he is untouchable. He has driven the standard of politics and misinformation to new levels. He knows 50% of the US population will believe whatever he peddles and no matter what the Liberal media/ fake news or intelligence agencies do he will not be touched. .


Are you living state side now Tayto


Nope. Still Langerside.


He is being investigated by at least 4 different groups. It will move glacially slowly but expect at least a few of these lads to come a cropper. Whether they can get enough info to pin it on the top dog is a different story and of course because he can pardon the others, they have to take them all down at the same time. Fascinating stuff, to watch the deflection & the misinformation through trumps own twitter account and Fox news propaganda, they’re are powerful tools but i don’t think they’ve brainwashed 50% of the population - not that high, his approval ratings were a lot lower than that.

Fox have fallen from top “news” channel for the first time in decades due to their lack of coverage on Trump-Russia.


Where you getting 50% from. His approval ratings are around the 30% mark.


It’s funny how it unfolds:

  • Jan: What Russians?
  • Mar: There may have been a chat or 2.
  • May: The Dems made us talk to Russians.
  • Jul: We colluded with the Kremlin, so what?



  1. Collusion is a hoax
  2. No evidence of collusion
  3. What do you mean by “collusion” exactly?
  4. Collusion is good


Is this big …



it’s bleedin hilarious! … all that smoke and now we have fire.


So the reason don jr is tweeting the emails is because the NY Times told him they had the email and asked him for comment. He asked them for more time and then released the emails himself - to try and make himself look better i suppose and to try and control the narrative. If i was him i would have stuck to his old man’s “Fake News” & “Fake eMails” tactic.


These people are idiots.


democrats have no policies and have not won a specual election since trump came to power. Ok 50% might be high but 46% will not move in an election. approval ratings mean little this time of a term and even less in the US state based system


close enough. im on a stag there the weekend. any recommendations :grinning:


They came within 1% of winning a Congressional seat in a Deep Red district in Georgia(The previous winning margin was well into double digits). That sort of swing would win them congress.


eh, Obama won the election in 2008 with 67% of the vote.


i know but they lost and lost votes from the 1st to 2nd round. As long as Reps win it’s feeding the trump supporters and the fear of him in the republican party.


Or do i have that wrong - FAKE NEWS!