Farmer and Fox join forces to protect Hen House


So this is collusion right?


Yup. Possibly even Treason

Lawyer from the Bush Jnr administration:


God I really hope this shit weasal goes down as well. Along with Eric and Ivanka. Horrible fucks the lot of them


The sickest thing in this is that Donald Trump probably hopes his own daughter would go down.


Anything to get ahead in life!


I’ve been in California for the last week, where they hate him. But no one, media included, believes he’s going anywhere. Too many House of Reps and Senators too afraid of losing their own seat if they vote against him


the hope would be that he becomes so unpopular that he’s a liability to their seats. 17 point swing to the democrats in a safe republican seat in a recent special election. replicate that kind of swing in most states and there’ll be a lot of GOP congressmen looking for new jobs come 2018.


yes but they held on, if the democrats had of taken that the pressure would have been on.


They were cast iron GOP seats, still a yuge swing


after the 1st round it was up fir grabs. republicans seemed to rally for the run off.


My God, as Morgan Freeman would say, he’s an alien


So this meeting took place the day trump started harping on about clintions 30,000 emails. … it took place in trump tower and kurshner was there also.


Oh and here’s photos of trump with that lawyer


Looks like he’s waiting for her to debrief him.


God I wonder what the Gropenfurher saw in her


Wonder are the Russians “burning him” now with all this info coming out


I’d say only a matter of time, till putin decides that he can sow more chaos by ditching Trump into the merde rather then finding him useful in situ. There’s a bill going through which will make it impossible for trump to lift the sanctions without congressional approval. They’re actually passing a bil to stop him lifting the sanctions on his tod :joy:


Stupidity is obviously hereditary. Shit weasel is incriminating himself here and I don’t think he realises it :joy:


Another meeting kushner “forgot” to mention on his security clearance forms … how is this f**ker still allowed in the WH, you can guarantee if joe public lied on a security form they’d be nailed.