His lack of a shit given really says it all


Could this be big?


So much smoke, you’d suspect there’s got to be fire, even trumps lawyer has hired a lawyer :joy:


If Trunp’s lawyer’s lawyer hires a lawyer then it’s very big …


Brian Cant, the voice behind the original Trumpton Fire Brigade roll call, died yesterday. He also presented Playschool on BBC all those years ago.


Republicans just about held ‘safe’ republican seats in special elections, 17 point swings to the democrats, any republican in a closer seat than that must be getting nervous.


if trump is viewed as a hindrance to their chances of reelection, watch them jump ship on a lot of his agendas and the spectre of impeachment becomes a lot more real


a lot of election in 2018 - not sure many of them have a 15 point cushion.


trumps approval ratings are an important gauge for them which have steadily declined since he began his term with the notable exception following his bombing of the Syrian airfield. currently hovering around 38%.


38%? I thought they’s have been a lot lower. That’s more popular than May is or what Enda Kenny was, I’d imagine?


Bad and all as our politicians are, they tend to not get away with blatant lie after lie after lie


he seems to have a very consistent core of supporters who won’t abandon him. I don’t have the figures to hand but read the last few weeks that that approval rating consists of “strongly approve” and “approve” opinions. There seems to have been a shift from strongly to only approve so support is draining somewhat.

The healthcare bill is to be released today so will be interesting to see what they have drafted in the senate. It was drafted in very unusual circumstances completely behind closed doors. It has proven to be an incredibly unpopular bill with the public but the republicans are determined to pass it through so could end up being political suicide for some of them. Also interesting to note that it will affect working class and rural people far more than urban, middle class people. Guess which side voted for Trump in larger numbers so beggars belief that they would be passing this


It’s the same as the working classes voting for brexit in the UK. Who do you think will feel the effects of the knock to the Uk economy most? It wont be the “liberal elite” anyways. Likewise with trumps support - anyone who think trump cares one jot about the working classes is delusional, he is looking after number one and that’s it. Wait for his tax reform, you can bet the super wealthy will make off like bandits in his proposals.

Trump has his core, the hardcore will never be swayed, all news is MSM lies etc. but the average republican apparently is starting to have second thoughts.



drip drip drip


What a feckin ape


So trump has basically just admitted the threat of tapes was to intimidate comey.



Some list. Utterly shameless. What a dick.


Jesus effing wept. Admitting to pressuring a witness, keep digging you effing tool.