That is mad. That country is run by a madman.


did you not hear the old story of trump ringing journalists and pretending to be his own press secretary and then going on to brag about what a great sex life trump had. He is mentally ill.


He’s a business man not a politician .


He’s a money launderer not a businessman.


He is the person the word shitehawk was invented for, not a businessman or any of those other things.





I’d say that that’s the difference between Trump as a person being under investigation and Trump’s campaign being under investigation (as might be the case if one’s LLC were under investigation without one being under investigation as an individual).



this is not going away donald - the more you try to obstruct the more guilty you look



Drip drip drip


You and Incognito should get the parts of Bernstein and Woodward!


Are they the two old fellows from the Muppets up in balcony?




Seriously though, if even half of this stuff is true it’s the biggest scandal in modern American history.




Tayto is right this is way way bigger than Watergate


It’s yuuuuge


How huge?