Comey more or less calling Trump a habitual liar


When does this start??

Scratch that, I see Thunderbirds are go.


On RTE News Now for those who want to have a gander


Anyone listening to this with an open mind can be in no doubt that he was sacked over the russian investigation and nothing else - but then that’s one think trump didn’t lie about.


The quotes I’ve read so far are off the wall, absolutely blowtorching Trump. Anybody with a sense of shame would be mortified.


Sessions is in big trouble given that Comey wouldn’t discuss it in the open session



So that’s a yes then.

The White House released a statement earlier: ‘The President is not a liar.’. Gas.


On it goes:

MSNBC reporting White House sources says Trump "may not have known" the US has troops based in Qatar.

— Simon Marks (@SimonMarksFSN) June 8, 2017

Alice in Wonderland stuff this. They have approx. 10,000 troops there according to reports. And he tweet about them supporting terror in the region. The mind boggles, both at the stupidity, lack of awareness, general hypocrisy, and plain nutiness of the situation.

I wonder what Munman thinks of it all.


The man is incompetent on top of everything else


The very first line in a statement from Trump’s personal lawyer

Get the feeling this is him


man they’re hilarious, saying comey should be under investigation for “leaking privileged conversations” which is baloney. They really are the masters of muddying the waters and giving their core a pointless soundbyte to cling on to and repeat forever.


Unsurprisingly most legal analysts calling BS on those claims from Team Trump



Worth a read



you really could no make this stuff up


Well what else do you expect them to say if you want to remain in their jobs?


Spineless shower of sycophants.