Rumors that the White House is considering blocking comedy’s appearance before the house committee, if they do there will be uproar


That won’t be funny then …


Haha. Autocorrect is a dose.


Yup. Plenty saying if he thought the firestorm after Comey’s firing was bad this would be on another level


A big box of crazy.


Increasing evidence that Russia may have directly interfered in the vote


In relation to Comeys testimony on Thursday

Some fun and games ahead on Thursday. His Lawyers must be pulling their hair out


He’s some craic on twitter for sure


Sounds like Jarred is about to get fucked under the bus


This is not a Waterford whisper news story


Hope Khan takes him up on it. Make more of a fool out of Trump


I can only assume Trump thinks IQ stands for “isn’t queer.”


or even better ‘I quit’ because I was impeached.


CNN’s senior legal analyst :

Not that anyone expects the GOP to do anything yet.


Apparently a lot in the GOP getting annoyed that few policies being enacted, it’s all about Trump and his nonsense.


Washington post had a story about Erik trumps fiddling of the book in his charity for personal gain. They’re so corrupt it’s ridiculous.


The whole lot of them are fucking monsters. I’ve disliked politcians in the past and present but I’ve never hated one as much as I fucking hate Trump a really disgusting person.


It’s all pure distraction while the really awful stuff goes on barely noticed, which includes lack of policy as much as bad policy.


It seems his only policy is to undo anything obama did.