And we think our crowd are thick as ■■■■


So many tweets, so little action.



Gowdy is such a fucking moron. Not hard to see why Donnie was tapping him up for the FBI job


Check out @Seinfeld2000’s Tweet:



Did ye see the one with the Veep theme from a few months back



there was a communication director? I’d say he’ll be delighted to be the hell out of there.


I hear he has got a good job with the Vatican now an an Excommunication Director … :smile:




dear god this man is a gobschite, yet to critisise Putin, but having another cut of his allies


I doubt he’ll put that on his cv.


I’d sooner put the last 5 months down as being in rehab.


this is all painfully slow, hopefully the fooker will be taken down before the western alliance falls apart.


It’s a fair question.




Nothing like a nice cup of covfefe in the morning


Thou shall not covfefe your neighbour’s wife.


[quote=“beeko, post:1000, topic:1349, full:true”]
Thou shall not covfefe your neighbour’s wife.
[/quote]Particularly true of the Tipp senior hurlers at present!!


Maybe he was trying to indicate who he favours in the FG leadership battle. Simon Covfefe