He even did a little curtsy for the king, then again they agreed a 100 billion dollar arms deal while the media were talking about what the trump ladies were wearing. FFS.

You got to give russia 10/10 for their trolling.


In fairness the media were talking about what the Trump ladies were wearing because yet again there was another tweet to come back and haunt him


there’s not one situation where trumpy does not have a contradictory tweet.


I know. Someone suggested hopefully there’s a tweet where he criticised Nixon for resigning :grin:


Trump in Israel

…Fucking hell


I heard he broke the ice by paraphrasing Tommy Tiernan’s ‘Well, it wasn’t the f**kin’ Mexicans’ joke.


Rex giving his gaffer a run for his money



And after doing well (by his extremely low standards) in Saudi Arabia


Apparently he’s exhausted, from the effort of keep his shit together.


Aren’t we all? :slight_smile:


Yeah, we should give the poor man a break. He’s trying his best :smile_cat:


He really is a liability.


Melania Trump favourites tweet sparking intrigue about her marriage


Moscow Mike pleading the 5th


Now that actually is big news.


Flynner is going to jail, question is whether he sings like a bird.


No doubt Flynn is going to jail and for a long time too.




The stupid Ralph Wiggum head on him.