Firing Comey was the worst thing he could have done and he did it. Shows what an absolute moron he is


Why do all these arseholes have Irish surnames


Not to mention those scumbags Hannity and O’Reilly


“like the boy who cried wolf”?


It could still take months to get rid of the orange lad, possibly not even till the congressional elections in 2018, although the speed things are going at the moment who knows.





Most Oppressed President Ever.


Some law talking guy on c4 news reckons the special prosecutor is not gonna nab trump, that collusion and lying about contact with Russians is not criminal and that this special prosecutor operates behind closed doors so testimony won’t be public :disappointed:


So it’s not huge???


Number of Senators have said this is now a criminal as well as a counter intelligence operation.


No, it’s just bigly for now.
Tayto and GuyIncognito could get Congressional Medals of Honour when this is all wrapped up and Trump is in the slammer.
If it goes the other way though, it’s been nice knowing you both, they say things aren’t that bad down Guantanamo way…


Just one guys opinion, If he gets away with all of this it’d be something else. We thought Bertie was made of teflon at one stage


There was a time in America where this kind of stuff would upset republican voters


Oh dear


Is this big … or huge …

Perhaps Donald will decamp to the Ecuadorean embassy in his next port of call and do a Julien …


Surely It’s massive, no?


Funny how the Swedish police dropping the case against him is being reported. Seems a lot of the media think they’ve decided he’s innocent, whereas the police woman in charge said it’s dropped because they can’t get to him. If they get him it will picked up again. Damn logical scandis.


He’ll plea for asylum in Saudi, promising to convert to Islam.


“This is going deep man, deep”