No Donald, you won because the ruskies hacked the election


Russia’s offer of a transcript of the meeting with Trump is interesting, did they record the meeting?!


They know how to troll for sure


That should read Special Counsel not prosecutor



What does this mean exactly?


From what I can gather DOJ will no longer be in charge of the Russia Investigation and that the FBI will report directly to Mueller. Interestingly Mueller was very close to Comey when they worked in the DOJ


Ooooh and there’s this too


… man, it never stops.


Mueller has to the power to subpoena and prosecute. This is huge!


But I thought the GOP voted against appointing a special prosecutor this evening?


Ah, yerman ronstien appointed him, the acting AG because head the ball has had to recuse himself. Ronstien is the guy trump three under the bus when firing comey?



This looks like it is actually happening now, finally


Ah jaysus Incognito this is about the 50th time you’ve said that … and he’s only in Office 100+ days … and still nothing has happened. Let’s tone down the huge hyperbole so that when something does happen we may know. This is tiny.


Extremely rare for a Special Counsel to be appointed.


So this is huge? Like really? It’s huger than the other huges that didn’t end up quite so huge?


GOP can do ■■■■ all about this which was the problem previously. Special Prosecutor can do as he pleases.


Dare I say it … this is …


The last few days have been nuts, sacking comey, hosting the Russians, telling the Russians Israeli intelligence (russia is closer to Iran than Israel). coneys memos (FBI agents memos are admissible in court) from calls with trump saying trump tried to get him to drop the case against Flynn (impeachable in its own right). now that the GOP can’t obstruct any more, something might actually happen. Hopefully trump won’t get to 200 days in office.