HoIS = Hostile Intelligence Service


They found 2,000 Gorky Park videos in Trump’s basement … looks like he’s going down for a loooooong time …


Putin must be pissing himself.


Apparently the Info was from a Middle East ally. If that was the Israelis ? Hoo boy things could get very interesting. Also as the intel came from an ally and not US Intel itself the President cannot declassify it.


HIGNFY over the weekend… “The decision to sack Comey came from the very top - Putin”.



Nah, putin would have had him killed.


Fox discussed the real important news last night. Hillary’s e-mails…


Seriously wonder about whats going on in america at this stage, they’re so polarised with all the fake news and propaganda - it’s getting to the point where it is completely dysfunctional.

The free press is more or mess dead, each channel seems to be peddling echo chamber angles on every story to suit their readership/viewers and most of them and owned by billionaires who are pushing their own right (mostly) wing agenda.

The idea that the interweb would herald a new age of enlightenment, collaboration and understanding could not me more wide of the mark.

Getting to the point where to call yourself a “news” channel or “news” paper you should have to meet certain standards or lose your licence.


Trump has thrown his NSA under the bus. Contradicting the statement McMaster made last night. If McMaster as an career Army man has any integrity left he should resign today.


Whats he said now? he really in incapable of sticking to the script isnt he. Last week he broke from the story to say he sacked Comey over This russian thing" then he invites the russian into the oval office and tells them secrets, McMaster issues a carefully worded denial (saying he didn’t discuss method and means of the intel) and trump has said … ?


Oh i see it now. The offficial denial was “it didn’t happen” but trump is saying “I have the absolute right to share intel” :joy::joy::joy:



Good to know McMaster was lying then! :joy: :joy: :joy:


They are private profit making businesses … that’s the reality. Content, quality etc does not come into the equation. Same as here and everywhere else …


“And it was me all along”



They are particularly biased there though, no? Opinions seem comically polarized.


I think there are balanced media sources out there.

But in the US (as elsewhere) the extreme ends of the spectrum get the most attention.

The ridiculous baying on Twitter doesn’t really reflect the silent majority. I’m sure the reluctant Trump voters amongst them are taking note of the current situation.


Tillerson: He didn’t do it.
McMaster: I was there. He didn’t do it.
Dina Powell: Lies! He didn’t do it.
Trump: Yep I did it.


You are probably right about the balanced news, but there’s some really irresponsible news outlets out there spinning people into a blinkered frenzy.