Christ - the whole bloody lot of them are corrupt as hell. makes our little democracy seem functional.


“Can’t be having dem blacks and latinos getting all uppity”

Republicans are Despicable people


Or maybe there younger brother…


New York State AG


…Yet the Reps had a shit fit over Hillary’s e-mail server


None of these tweets mean anything unless he has done something illegal and there is proof of same. He won’t be impeached by the Republicans. It’s just not going to happen. He’ll have to be arrested or he’s not going anywhere


Pretty sure revealing classified info to the Russian’s or anyone else without prior clearance is illegal.

Also this from Paul Ryan last year… not that I expect him to do anything about this though.


Yes but the problem is he is the president now. The commander in chief. Going to be very hard to prove criminality when he’s the boss.


He can’t be arrested on federal charges without first being impeached. The NYAG (tweet above) is said to be running a RICO (anti mobster) investigation. The theory is take trump down on the rico so he can’t pardon the rest who will be taken out on federal charges. Watergate took years to go down. But Nixon was smart. Trump is an idiot.


Indeed, that’s why it’s taking so long.


Is it shit or shat?


Also if he keeps embarrassing th USA eventually the republicans will jump ship. Problem is a lot of the leadership are up to their necks in this at this stage.


Bigger issue is whether it’s upon rather than on.


Former NSA officer. Not one to get over hysterical


He’s untouchable until he breaks the law. He’s clearly out of his depth and possibly cognitively disabled but they’re stuck with him until then.


He’s defiantly met that bar tonight. Republicans should be knifing him over this but they won’t


Couple of people pointing out that technically he determines what’s classified or not.

Bigger issue here is the damage it does to their standing with their allies.


Surely it should be ‘shitted’, as it is a repeated action?


Oh he’s broken the law alright, money laundering for the he Russian mob for years. They’ll get him on that on state charges in New York.