To b fair to him, I don’t think he was denying the holocaust, I think he’s just a bit thick.


It really highlights the level of intellect of some of those within Trump’s regime. That won’t go down well with Israel nor, more especially, the Jewish population within the USA. Then again, I’d say a large proportion of those who voted for Trump would probably want to rid their “homeland” of Jewish people.


I’ve avoided most of the Trump etc debates and comments because it just becomes one constant Have I Got News For You stream of throwaway remarks. But I heard Spicer on the radio today, and he just sounded clueless, couldn’t even put a sentence together at times.


Word salad.


Trump has personally invested in the company that makes the misiles he’s dropping


The tit is going to be impeached on basic conflict of interest grounds, even before the Russia connection/investigation gets to him.


We can hope. Doubt the Republicans will vote for impeachment though


Why not? Get Trump out ans Pence in? Pence, I’d imagine, is more aligned with traditional Republicans than Trump is.


If his approval rating gets worse and they stand by him, they’ll get massacred in the mid term elections and the Democrats will control congress - they can then impeach him for ethical reason, conflict of interests, nepotism as well as the russian links which he’s trying to cover up with his bombing last week.


I can’t keep up with events in White House and Trumpland , I feel I need flowcharts and Venn diagrams and even then I’d struggle . Trump should have his own 24hr tv channel or at least some of US channels might do that . When I speak with siblings in the US who are there for decades , they are anything but happy with him, but are determined not be defined by Trump and his antics and they say that’s the way a lot of their friends and work mates feel .


Good summary here


Good stuff Tayto.

Think I may have finally gotten a grasp of what is going on.


True enough on Pence. I just can’t see them impeaching one of their own though. I mean, if Clinton had won, and half the stuff going around now had happened, they’d already have moved to impeach. But nothing now. Didn’t even make him properly vet his cabinet picks.


Thats by a right wing publication, so it’s playing it down if anything, crazy stuff going on.


One source suggested the official investigation was making progress. “They now have specific concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion,” the source said. “This is between people in the Trump campaign and agents of [Russian] influence relating to the use of hacked material.”

Someone is going to jail i’d say - the only question now really is how far up the chain they can prove the collusion went. This whole spat with russia seems pretty contrived, Trump JR said the bombing proved the putin ties weren’t true …


Definitely. Sure there was planes taking off again from that airbase within 12 hours of the airstrikes ffs.


Yea apparently you “dont hit the runway because it’s so easy to fix” … :grin:


If that is a right wing publication, Good Jesus! What’s really happening?