He is either a total cretin, or, a compulsive liar, or, playing his base support perfectly. I’m sure some people read that tweet and think ‘damn right don’.


Methinks you give him too much credit Tayto. In the two short planks category IMO …


hes a compulsive liar but it just so happens that a lot of his core support are fed up of coastal elite liberal media as they would view it and he has railed against them using conspiracy theories concocted in the likes of Alex Jones mind


Hmmm interesting. Does it mean they already know what he’s offering up I wonder :thinking:


I agree. It’s probably not him but someone is making very clever use of social media, it might look brainless to you and me, but there’s plenty of alt right people out there who lap up the rubbish he comes out with.

Very interesting article from last year on the relationship between trumps twitter and putins botnet and the alt right


Guy giving testimony tot he senate hearing says to “Follow the trail of dead russians” - the people implicated as sources in the dossier which the former Mi5 guy compiled:


Yeah there’s something like 9 of them who were connected with the dossier and have died since then.


I’d say the others are having trouble getting life assurance …


Fucking hell…


They’ve done it again! :joy:


Brilliant. He’s nothing if not changeable.


The comment section underneath it is also very funny. Some Americans just don’t get ‘fake news’


That’s probably because their president is almost like a parody character. Or the more commonly held belief could also be true, that the country is populated by mostly morons.


Democratic Congressman for Texas:


Well this is going well…


Jesus wept


If only tweets mattered.


So apparently trump is looking at ireland as one of a dozen or less countries where the US has a large trade deficit - to the tune of $39billion - which is made up largely of pharma companies manufacturing here and exporting back to the states.

He is threatening two things, either/or a import tax, or, to lower their corporate tax rate to a more competitive level.

Of course he’ll have a battle to get either through congress/senate even with a republican majority.

Surely an import tax is a tariff, so if he imposes on on our imports, surely that risks a trade war with the EU?


British reporter based in Syria & the ex-British ambassador to Syria suggesting that there should be an investigation into the chemical weapon attack, that it makes no sense for Assad to use chemical weapons at this point, that the weapons depot explanation could be true.


Good man Spicey…