You know, that scene from In Bruges where Ray has a go at the “American” comes to mind more and more.






This is like a netflix production at this stage. So now it seems Tumps son in law met with the russian ambassador secretly and also putin’s bank, but hey, nothing much was discussed. strangely every tweet he ever made has disappeared - someone trying to cover their tracks anyone?

Trump tweeting some long disproven clinton thing last night in a pathetic attempt at diversion.

Methinks the lads in the white house are getting nervous. Seems like in bugging the russians, the FBI have caught trumps team on tape, talking about naughty things - trump heard this which prompted his “obama bugged trump towers” tweets.


Is there any point in Netflix continuing with House Of Cards at this stage ? I mean I doubt there going to be able to out do this :grin:



Yerman numes (who is putting his party before the country - not unlike some of our feckers) who went running to the white house, has cancelled that session - these lads are running scared, what a fiasco. potentially bigger scandal than watergate going on here.


Speaking of Nunes


No shame


Yep nothing suspicious going on here at all…





Aha so this explains his tweets yesterday and today having a dig at the New York Times



No takers? They must think they can find out without him


You can only be given or look for immunity if you’ve done something wrong Donnie



Trump writes like a 12 year old. Suppose he is appealing to his base support.


I like his ‘Big Election Loss’. Clinton got 3 million more total votes than him ffs. Both of Obama’s wins were bigger in Electoral Colleges as well.