With those eejits who thought he had any


Of course.

Trump is one if these fuckers that thinks the only thing that black guys should be doing on golf courses is caddying.


White House Counsel for Nixon and served time as a result of Watergate


Of course, President Trump continues to deny the existence of Global Warming.

looking at the graphic, hopefully he ignores it long enough for Sarah Palin to be flooded and swallowed up by the Pacific Ocean before then recognising the issue is real.


Nah they’d still find something else to blame.




Strange how the Republicans nearly always turn out to be guilty of what they accuse others of doing


Wishful thinking i’d say - he will potentially get done for conflict of interests at some point.


like setting his daughter and son in law up as key advisors?


Or hosting Foreign Leaders at the resort that he owns. (Not free of charge for them either)


That simple nepotism, which he might get away with, he has not divested from his business properly and there’s all sort of constitutional tripwires in that respect which trump could well fall foul of.


Florida are going to have to raise taxes to pay for the security at his weekend retreat.


I’m sure everything will be fine for Donnie. After all Spicy told us the Campaign Manager Manafort only had a “limited role”


Maybe… when I first read the headline I was thinking it was some dis-enchanted Democrat Senator - but she’s the co-chair of the Judiciary Committee and they’re speculating that she knows more than she can talk about for now.




Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Commitee (Which the FBI and NSA directors testified in front of on Monday.) went running to the WH with information he withheld from the rest ot the committee (Should point out what he did in terms of what he announced is a probable felony)

This is the leading Democrat on the Committee

John McCain one of the few Republicans still putting his country over party

   *  Explosion Sound *


Has that absolute fool Rachel Maddow reappeared yet?



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