Would you be arguing more towards further integration within Europe?


No, think we’re integrated enough. I’d be looking to be less dependent and less sold out to the US, that’s all.


Don’t see any advantage of distancing ourselves from the US. There is a lot of goodwill towards us from there. I work for a US company and 1/4 of a million irish people are directly or indirectly employed by US multinationals. We also invest there…seems some deluded Irish would rather have Russia or China as a big brother…


A riot…!!! That’s a joke I assume. Trump is very unlikable but has started no new war (what a low bar that is). The Irish drooled over Obama in college green and were happy to ignore the bombs (a record) being dropped because he was a “cool” president.

By all means protest but it should be peaceful protest.


I don’t think Al said there would be a riot.


“Warmest sympathy”

Fucking hell …


I actually think for once it’s quite measured a response from Trump not looking to score points


He doesn’t actually pass on condolences to the families of the victims. Nor does he express grief for the victims. His message is to “The people of New Zealand”.
His response is indeed very measured, but that doesn’t necessarily mean in a good way.


thats fair and probably a reflection of how low the bar has gotten


Doesn’t mention terrorism either. Wonder why that could be. Just can’t q-white put my finger on it :thinking:


Chief, you are employed by a US company and your thinking reflects that. Should we sacrifice the planet for the US? Fcuk the environment? Let unfettered neoliberalism drive us to the edge? No. We should be clear in aligning ourselves with the E.U. It’s not perfect but it’s more sane.


Yes. Riots. I meant it. I would expect that level of opprobrium. We don’t want him here. He is a thug who is enabling the rich of his country to continue ruining our planet. There should be so many blimps that the fat unct cannot land. If the Gardai allow people to disrupt his visit, that would be honest. But they won’t.


Only for US multinationals there would be nothing of note employment wise in the west. They have caused no environmental damage that we are aware but if you have proof you should report it


An exclamation mark too.


In fact ahhhhhh, no. I get what you’re saying. My point is the moolah covers a multitude, it’s not all about trade and investment, it’s also about balance, autonomy, integrity and so on. And how it has been presented is of course mostly one way.
And yes there will always be a huge relationship there and we have gained mightily from it, statements of the obvious but just so you know this isn’t about being ungrateful!


Pretty meaningless drivel, but we all know he is incapable of real empathy.

Btw Mayoman I agree, Obama got away with alot due to overwhelmingly positive propoganda. But he did seem to be both a genuinely caring and smart person. The system behind him though we now know appears to have been pretty much rotten to the core


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Cannot be stated enough how much of a horrible fucker this prick is


If all you can do is curse…well then you’ve lost the argument