… by that i mean, people will overlook him paying off a porn star with campaign finances (illegal) because he is GOP and they vote GOP. Seems that the GOP have sunk so low that law breaking is no longer a scandal. They will still claim the GOP is the Conservitive party" which cares about law and family values.


So the global slowdown he has helped start, isnt what he needs? apparently a lot of people unhappy that their tax refunds turned into bills this year thanks to his tax breaks for the rich.


that is the kind of thing that Democrats need to focus on because focusing on Trump personally doesn’t seem to resonate as much as it should.


Hopefully Mueller’s report will see the c**t indited and impeached in 2019.


That’s the thing, the more mud he can sling , the more it will affect his chances. Just need to persevere with it .


The U.S. Senate has just voted down Trump’s State of Emergency Wall. He will now have to veto a Republican Senate.


This is something else

Bikers for trump , wtf


It’s bizzare…nothing surprises me anymore. The next US President has a very low bar to follow…things can only get better.


He is threatening his own people. This is extremely significant.




I will give him credit thought for speaking to the senator opposed to the Irish E3 visa bill…looks like it will be re introduced to the floor…would be great news


Why give him credit for that? That’s really small-town thinking. 'Yerrah Thrump wasn’t all bad. Sure didn’t he do the visas for us!"
Bullshit. He does things for him alone. Stunning hypocrisy from you.


Sure you only have to look at the grounding of the 737MAX. Only Boeing or the FAA could ground them but he made it look like he did it personally


He makes mostly bad decisions but not all bad. I’ll always give credit where it is due but relax…I’m not a trump supporter.

That’s the problem with people today…your boxed into categories, left, right, pro life, anti life…republican, Democrat, remainer, Brexiteer…where is the middle ground?


Stop digging chief!


Varsdker giving him plenty of credit today in the annual ass kissing exercise St. Paddy whack visit


The meet and greet with POTUS is just that…a photo op and short meeting. The real work takes places behind the scenes. I’m amused every year Irish people moaning about us sending the Taoiseach and ministers to the US and around the world…it’s absolutely vital for inward and outward investment and forging connections…it quiet simply can not be underestimated.

No other country in the world is guaranteed a yearly White House, capital hill meeting. Other countries would kill for the exposure we get.


There will be riots if the sick, spoilt satsuma comes to Ireland.


I agree. But it’s changing, and the time will come/has come when we need to distance ourselves from there, precisely because of regimes like the current one, and the reality about The American Dream. I think you gloss over the negative side of this special relationship, we have compromised ourselves hugely and sold out to a large extent to the financial gain.


You reckon? I don’t. I don’t think he has done nearly enough to specifically piss us off, and we won’t riot on behalf of other people.