…or anyone wondering what his Irish connections were.


More of an Ulster Scots name no…


Donegal, I reckon.



GOP trying to bury the report


This is where it gets interesting. Daddy’s Pardon power can’t save the kids here


Uh Oh a pardon is no good for Paulie now


I love that quote “No one is beyond the law in New York” - a far cry from our banana republic legal system.


About that

Don’t get me wrong when Americans prosecute White Collar crime they really prosecute it. However It’s also very easy to buy your way out of it if you have the money and are white


Many people have been beyond the law there, until some of them ended up dead.




Hasn’t a hope.


You wouldn’t bet-on it?


Would be a good choice for the VP spot on a ticket especially with someone like Harris


The only way Trump can get a second term is if the democrats get their candidate selection wrong.


Sanders would the RW wet dream of an opponent IMO. Will make it easier for them to play the “Socialism is bad card” and it’ll work for them.

On a legit note He’s also too fucking old


Far too soon, but good VP options for someone, the guy can talk and has a brain which will put a lot of Americans off. Just hope they get through the selection process without a scandal which taints the winner.


Logic says that you are right…but… I think DT is changing the political landscape with the constant barrage of lies/noise/corruption that surround him. He is succeeding in taking the mainstream media off the playing field simply by continuously referring to them as Fake News.

Incumbent Presidents have a massive advantage when it comes to second term elections which might mean that the better Democrat candidates choose to sit the next election out and wait till the idiot is out of the picture altogether.

I sincerely hope that I’m wrong…


Good summary of the challenges facing the dems. Just astonishing how partisan their politics are.


Trump will get 40% of the vote no matter what happens. It is the swing voters that may shift against him though in 2020. I think he will need a very good next 18 months economically to keep them on his side.