Fairly damning evidence coming from Cohen. It’s now a question of how credible he is deemed to be.


Can he prove it, is the key surely?


Let’s wait and see. DT’s next few tweets should be fun. If they’re a while in coming, he must be worried.


For once Don’s not wrong


Wonder how the judge will view this…




Their nation is so fcuked up and corrupt, the truth has been put beyond reach. I pray that Trump doesn’t get a second term. The cnut.



They are going to call in junior and IvanKa as well.




Loopy Laura banned from CPAC which is saying something when you see some of the other freaks speaking at it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Who will Big Don blame?

At this stage, I really hope he sees out the rest of his term*. Hopefully, the Reps will put him forward as their Presidential candidate and he will have his Derry Air kicked by all and sundry, nationally. If he’s ousted before then, the Republicans might regroup behind a traditional right-wing candidate.

  • Obviously, I still hope he is prosecuted after being in office.


I hope he is prosecuted IF he broke the law…there is no smoke without fire as they say but after months of allegations and stories not one single piece of evidence produced to bring him down…



Not a single piece of evidence? Not sure about that, with a complicit GOP, basically excusing anything he does, it’s very hard to take him down. I have zero doubt at the very least he obstructed justice. But when half the country & political class will excuse anything that doesn’t seem to register as a scandal.


Congress getting their hands on his tax returns should make for an interesting few weeks



:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: For it to be at least Don Jr and Ivanka


If he does make a cast iron case, expect the right wing media to excuse it and move on to other stories instantly. They just don’t want to know the truth, they just back their tribe against any accusation.


47 months for Manafort well below the recommendation of a minimum of 19 years…


“He has lived an otherwise blameless life,” said the judge.

Well, same could be said of Timothy McVeigh, but I don’t remember anyone arguing that at the tme.