Sanders running again.


Too old. And much as he won’t admit it he’s part of the circus.


Going to be some circus. I wonder will gop challenge trumpski



Sanders is 77; Trump is 72. Not too much of a difference.


You’ve got to be fucking kidding me


Would you be surprised?


Possibly too old, especially with younger voters seemingly being more engaged these days generally and a lot of younger contenders in his race.

Part of the circus in that he’s in the same party as Clinton etc and part of the same system but he’s considerably different in outlook (now, we’ll see what campaign he runs if he’s the nominee). The Dems opting for Clinton the last time around could be seen as a real sliding doors moment in my opinion, choosing more of the same with her - especially her for some of the electorate - handed it to the Republicans.


The problem with Bernie is that he is not a Democrat. Of course the party is going to shaft an independent who rocks up every 4 years looking for the nomination.


Does with the Senate as well. Runs for the Dem nomination gets it and then rejects it.


How can he run as a dem?


what do you mean?

I am saying he cant have it both ways. Position himself as an independent but at the same time want the Democratic nomination for president.

You could even argue some of his positions (guns, immigration) are more aligned with Republicans!


But is he a member of the Democratic Party? Or is he an independent? How can he run for dem nomination without being a democrat?


He’s an independent


So how can he just run for the dem nomination? Seems odd.


Loopy Loomer again :grin:


I see Roger Stone couldnt keep his mouth shut quelle surprise

Enjoy prison Rog :+1:


Sounds like Tucker was triggered. Poor snowflake :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: