Jaysus imagine people took as much interest in Irish politics as they do American politics. We might have a decent functioning country


This shit is real. Trump has the ability to derail our economy quicker then a series of Bertie Ahern giveaway budgets. His administration also makes our lot out to be almost competent. Even enda looks eloquent beside trump.

See the jaysus head on him sitting beside Merkel, he’s like a child whose been told he cant watch cartoons.


Derail our economy? Looks like that train came off the tracks years ago. I’m 28 and 3 years ago was blessed to be in a position to buy my own house. Not one of my friends is any closer to being able to do likewise 3 years later. We have lost an entire generation of people. I’m getting married this day 3 weeks and would love to start a family soon after but I don’t know if I want to raise a child here given the state of things in this country.

The amount of people living in hotels and on the streets is a national embarrassment. That’s not to mention the state of the HSE. These are all our problems caused by our politicians. Trump may have the ability to cause more harm but he hasn’t yet anyway. Can our politicians say the same? Think we should be concentrating on getting our own house in order before sneering at America.


Indeed. but we are hugely reliant on the global economy. But if trump can lure the pfizers and other big pharma companies back to the us, which is his stated aim, or starts a trade war with the EU/China then things could get a whole lot worse.

Not sneering at America, sneering at trump and some of his administration. You’ll be telling me we can’t talk about brexit next?


I know what you’re saying and both myself and my soon to be wife are employed by two large multi national pharma companies. I don’t see why the fear is there. All I see is expansion in Ireland of these companies. We’re needed as a gateway to Europe and this globalisation of big companies is worth more than a few percent knocked off the tax rate in America. I just can’t see them all leaving. I’d rather sort our own shit out.

I’ll give you an example, about 6 weeks ago I sat and watched a woman on national television, turn and look into a camera in tears, and plead for the most basic of care for her daughter who see daughter was being crippled with scoliosis. It broke my heart and should have caused outrage. In any other country a scumbag like Harris would have being sacked following that airing. But what happened? Nothing. People too concerned with Trump.

Can we please just adjust our values slightly? We have more than enough problems in our own society without worrying about America.


No harm in talking about it but some people are totally obsessed by it to the point of being blind to what’s happening around them.


It’s a strange conclusion to assume that someone talking about trump, doesn’t care about local issues.
I don’t see why you can’t care about both.

The so called leader of the free world is pathological liar and that’s only his most obvious personality disorder. It is fascinating/terrifying in equal measure.


Can you name one Irish politician who isnt a patholigical liar? Trump is a bit of a moron and can’t conceal his lies as well as more seasoned politicians but i cant understand peoples faux outrage at a leader lying when we’ve had it here in Ireland since the founding of the state. Some people clearly do care about the Trump issue more. This is blatantly obvious. Nobody can deny that. That is clear by people’s reaction to Kennys speech. He’s being praised for a meaningless few words about an issue he couldn’t or more importantly shouldn’t care less about. He knows how obsessed a lot of his own electorate are with it that they’ll forget some of his catastrophes for a few days.

There is as much lies coming from people who oppose Trump as there is from his administration and that is quite the achievement. I’ll admit it is fascinating. The entire thing is a circus. But I’m far more worried about my neighbours sick kids not getting care than I am about what Trump says.


Joe Higgins?


While our lot will make false promises to get elected, I can’t think of any example of an Irish politician doing something like trump with his whole Obama birther issue. Going on and on and on in public about a blatant untruth. Or making serious allegations about his predecessor on twitter, then his spokesman blames the British secret service for bugging his phones. Throwing a key ally under the bus to try and save face. I’ll release my tax returns. Lie. None of our team met with the Russians. Lie.

These aren’t your normal political lies, these are profoundly stupid & unprovable things to say and yet his supporters don’t care. It is fascinating and frankly scary. The USA is so divided it is in danger of tearing itself apart. He claimed to have the biggest inauguration crowd. Lie. Claimed to have the biggest winning margin since regan. Lie. Etc etc it goes on and on. He can’t help himself. It is fascinating but it is also gravely serious, this bumbling orange idiot could start ww3.

Saying you can’t be interested in this what about the state of the homeless crisis in Ireland is a bit like sayin how can you care about sport when the country is a mess. You can be interested in more then one thing at a time. If you prefer to focus on local not global politics by all means start a thread but don’t judge me man, don’t you judge me! :yum:


Not judging you mate. Not at all. I’ll have to let you buy me a few pints before I can judge you :joy:

I’m not saying you can’t be interested in two different issues but the state of the country is treated nowhere near the same outrage by some as they do about Trump. Surely you can see where I’m coming from?


Failing Presidency! SAD!


Oh come on Hillary, you’ve got to get over it. Go bake some cookies!




The FBI have confirmed that they are investigating Russian tampering in the 2016 Presidential Election and possible connections to Trump’s campaign.


His twitter rant this morning prior to this announcement speaks volumes. He’s getting nervous. As one Republican strategist who’s Anti Trump put it more or less “A Guilty Dog Barks Loudest”


missed that - what did he say?


Meh basically rehashing his previous rants about “Fake News” “Dems are bad losers” “Dems and Clinton links to Russia should be investigated”


Deffo rattled. People are getting sick of his constant railing against everything, losing what little credibility he had.