Dick Cheney’s cardiologist:


His death?


If only that was true.


And because she’s a woman and muslim

Also the tweet that started all this wasn’t anti - Semitic in the slightest.






6ft 3 wide.


In many states the transport infrastructure is falling apart…money would be much better spent fixing and upgrading it and also providing jobs. I thought Trump said he was going to do that?

Now if South Americans were launching terrorist attacks on US soil I would be all for the wall but they aren’t. Illegal immigration has to be controlled but I don’t think this is the solution…as for the drugs well you should start at the CIA on that particular issue


It’s mad that he isn’t prioritising large scale infrastructure projects that the Democrats would have no choice but to get behind and would boost his numbers with independents. At this point in time, I don’t think his base will hold him responsible for not building a wall. They don’t hold him responsible for much but it just seems like he is missing a massive open goal by ignoring other projects.

It will be the independent voters who will decide who wins the 2020 presidency. Trump carried them in 2016 by 4 points but there was a large swing of 20 points to Democrats in the midterms. Anything approaching that number in 2020 will be a landslide for whomever he is running against


Well I for one am shocked


Atta boy Donnie give your opponents Exhibit A for the Court Case


… and yet he keeps ploughing on. For a system that was supposed to stop someone being untouchable, they really make the president almost untouchable.



Someone’s dying in jail


Ooooofff that’s embarrassing


Boy it really isn’t Mikes day



This is the real collusion? What is he on about??? Muppet.