Trump would hammer her in another election and if the dems were stupid enough to run her again they deserve it.


Won’t happen. She’s on a fishing expedition and she’ll get a slap in the face.


Not sure trump would hammer anyone with this appalling approval ratings and endless ammo he is giving someone to attack him, but she would be the worst possible choice.


They need to wake up and smell the coffee


Unfortunately most of nutter core trumps wake up and smell the cough syrup instead of the coffee…

They will probably be even more motivated to vote now based on the lies and propaganda that they are fed by the spurious “news” networks over there…THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIS BULLSHIT…EVEN WHEN IT CONTRADICTS THE LAST CR@P HE SPEWED…its remarkable really, but no more remarkable than the shitshow happening across the water, I guess.




Apparently ensuring everyone has the opportunity to vote is now a power grab…


Shows you the importance of having the wall…


This lady seems very capable. No doubt the smear campaign will be multi-faceted, long and low … [with thanks to James Corden … amazingly enough]


Christ. She is an impressive lady. The GOP are scared shitless of her. Fox News ran a poll about her 70% on earning over 10 million and a huge majority backed her idea. Needless to say fox were not impressed! :joy:




Trumps buddy at the National Enquirer tried to blackmail Jeff Bezos and Bezos turned the tables on him :eyes:

Worth baring in mind Bezos owns the Washington Post and it’s more than likely not coincidental.


I have no doubt they are blackmailing a lot of people , some senior GOP senators for starters.


He certainly has the cash to do it anyway



No Dr. that values their reputation and qualifications would ever make a statement like that about anyone regardless of who they are


Eleven different certified specialists…





Another runner into the field