Roger Stone is a cretin…come across like a total creep in that Netflix doc about him


Didn’t see that. He has been expecting to get lifted for awhile


Waiting till he gets locked up so can enjoy it after knowing what happens to him in the end :grin:



Guy, your coverage of this is fantastic!




Hoo boy threatening to kill a witness surely carries a significant sentence



Some actual evidence for the claim that wikileaks is a front for Russian intel would be good. Unless we’re supposed to take Mike pompey’s word for it of course.





Corrupt much?


Oh fcuk right off you’re as delususional as trump


she needs to be kept as far away as possible. Any sniff of her entering and Trump will try and muddy the waters with allegations against her


That’s one way of ensuring a second Term for Pinocchio .


ah here, feck off clinton, you were the second most unpopular candidate in modern history (after trump who somehow won with less votes). See some bloody starbucks guy considering running as a centrist independent, which will steal votes off the democrats more then the nutter core of trumps.